The re-launch of "Flavors of the East" pushed through. Erika, TJ's mom, paid a surprise visit, and being known to many that she was "Flavors"'s chef during the restaurant's heyday, they requested that she cook once more. TJ had no choice but to give in to the customer's request. Erika and Jillian meet once more, and Erika requested Jillian to follow TJ and be with him for a while.

Meanwhile, Dina went to the kitchen and confronted Erika. After a while Teddy entered the kitchen too and ordered Dina to leave. He slapped Erika in the face, but shortly he eagerly hugged her. But Erika cleared to him that she only wanted to see the kids and make amends with them, but not to him.

Meanwhile, Jonathan tried to date another woman to help him forget about Jillian, but the girl simply isn't his kind of a woman.


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