"Katorse" or "Fourteen" is the new Primetime teleserye of ABS-CBN. Erich Gonzales is the main character in this television remake of the 80's movie of the same title which then is portrayed by Dina Bonnevie.

Nene, an ordinary barrio lass whose life is about to change with the arrival of her childhood friends Albert and Gabby during one fateful summer. With two guys vying for her attention, Nene embarks on a romantic adventure that turns into a disaster as she faces an unwanted pregnancy. Nene also discovers a whole lot of troubles involving her family.

Main Cast

* Erich Gonzales as Nene – Nene dreams of living in the city just like her elder sister Nenita. At 14, there hasn’t much excitement in her life until she gets reunited with the dashing Arcangel brothers. Will her first brush with love ruin her life forever or will it help her transition into a mature young woman?

* Ejay Falcon as Gabby – He may be the real Arcangel but his rebellious attitude further puts a gap between him and his parents. Making him more insecure is the fact that the girl he loves already fancies his brother. How will he make Albert pay for stealing everyone’s affection away from him?

* Xian Lim as Albert – Though he’s a love child from his mom’s previous relationship, Albert has all the qualities of a real heir to the Arcangels’ hacienda. As the eldest son, he is responsible for and considerate of his brother’s wild streak. But will he remain selfless when it comes to matters of the heart?

* Enchong Dee as Jojo - He is the best friend of Gabby. A guy who is praising himself always and with a strong ego. He will meet Nene and find her attractive. But as Nene faces unwanted pregancy, he realize that he needs to become a better man and comes to comfort Nene.

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