Yuri has been voted out of the Pinoy Big Brother house. The audience were given the chance to vote out the housemate they wanted out. This is one eviction that any housemate doesn't want to happen to them, as they will feel that the audience didn't liked them. Yuri's votes were not that far behind her next housemate. See the percentage of votes after the jump.

The top three housemates with the most votes had two digit percentages. Yuri had 26.52%, while Mariel had 22.94%. Carol is third, with 17.25%, there's a comfortable difference between her votes and Yuri, but as Toni pointed out, it makes you wonder that Carol got included in the top three for this eviction, while she's a consistent top ranker during the previous nominations for the housemate that the audience wanted to save. Johan is the housemate with the least number of votes, with a percentage of 0.32. The five housemates with the least number of votes are Melissa, Tibo, Jason, Paul Jake and Johan.

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