Miguel held a press conference to further boost his campaign. During the conference, Scarlet made an entrance and gave her full (financial) support for her husband. After the conference, Miguel talked to Scarlet and refused her money.

Meanwhile, secrets are now being revealed as Lola Aura told Catherine the real reason why his father Rolando disappeared. She was also about to tell her something (maybe about Sophia) but Catherine should ask Rolando about it.

Rolando also told Sophia that she is not a Castillejos, and he was about to tell her where she really came from, but decided to meet her in another day.


  1. Pinkish GurL said...
    thanks again masyado busy ako last 2 nyts kaya n miss ko ilang part ng episode thanks again... I cant w8 2 see d nxt episode mmaya gabi lalo gumaganda ang mga scene... pede mg ask natutulog ka pa ba dami mo kasi ina upload heehehe (JOKE JOKE JOKE....)
    Ethanne said...
    kapag may tutor, late na ko nakakapagpost, 3AM na ko natutulog :)

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