Hannah is confused with what is happening to the Abuevas, and she is bothered by it. She talked to Julian about the problem, and Julian assured her that she has little or nothing to do with it. If fact, Julian thanked her because she found Jasmine while looking for her.

*Greetings to LYKA of kimeraldsite.

Chito is helping Jasmine to look for a permanent job. He gave resumes to those he thought might help his daughter. He even gave one to Anika, and Anika was surprised to know that Jasmine is Chito's daughter. What's on her dirty mind?


  1. Anonymous said...
    enter the kontrabida na naman! hay naku! ah basta, kimgerald forever!
    Wiseup said...
    I don't think VerAnika will stop until Julian is in a silver platter on her lap, so let's forgive her desperation. Papa-old-maid na siya.

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