Here are the highlights of episode 79 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Stanley Sr. failed in his mission of killing Manuel. Wounded but still alive, he reported the incident to the police. He had no other person in mind who would want him killed but Elizabeth, so he told the police everything that he has done for Elizabeth.

Dave at first doesn't want to believe Manuel but he was trained to differentiate a life from the truth. Marlene decided not to file any case against Elizabeth.

At home, Dave and Elizabeth had a heated conversation and from there Dave confirmed that her mother and grandmother is responsible for the attack on JR's family years ago. Her mother even got mad at him and told him to get out and stay with Marlene. Dave did, and although he is welcomed by Marlene and Rita, Ramon and Greta welcomed him with sarcastic comments.

Ingrid realized what she had done and went out to look for Dave, and she found him at Marlene's house.


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