Here are the highlights of episode 80 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Greta still can't stop doing her evil intentions. She told Dave that Audrey and JR didn't really had a cool-off, it was just Marlene's plan of trying to please him. Dave doesn't want to believe Greta, until one night when he saw JR and Audrey together. This made Dave angry and left Marlene's house.

Marlene got angry with Audrey and told her that if she can't pretend just like what they had agreed upon before then she might as well break up with JR for good. Marlene even called Audrey a jinx.

Dave returned to Ingrid, where Elizabeth told him that she learned about Marlene's agenda of making him believe that Audrey and JR are not in good terms. Dave then rushed to Marlene and ask if it is true, to which Marlene confirmed.


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