It's the second probation night of the scholars, and their grades are so low (maybe Gerard gave them low grades). Poor performance? Or just the juror's high standards? Due to the low grades given to them, the org average grades were also low. Both orgs got an average grade lower than 7.5, so both orgs will not have a budget for this week. The four scholars with the lowest grades for this week are Bea, Jet, Cris and Sheng with grades of 5.03, 5.00, 4.66 and 4.36 respectively.

Out of these four, two will be saved. One by the Dream Mentors, and another by the scholars themselves. The Dream Mentors saved Bea.

From Jet, Cris and Sheng, the scholars will vote who they want to expel from the three. The scholar with the lowest votes will be saved. The scholars didn't based their votes on the performance, but rather on the status of the scholar (more like PBB to me). Since Jet has a newly born child, they thought that Jet is badly needed by his family, and that he misses them, so they voted him.


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