A special assignment was given to the scholars. They will give a chocolate to their friend inside the academy. Funny thing is that there seems to be a "triangle" inside the academy, and it is curious to note that Sen secretly throws a chocolate to Van while he openly gave a chocolate to Bugoy.

Jet opens up his feelings to his org mates about the recent voting for probationary scholars. He even voiced a statement saying "naglabasan na ang mga kulay" (the real colors begin to show up).


  1. marites said...
    nakakatuwa to si bugoy i like him,natural na natural,and i dont like jet.......thanks ethanne for uploading everything,you are so good..
    marites said...
    shut up jet ang yabang mo para kang babae putak nang putak,dapat isispin nang mga scholars na di sila nagpunta dyan para makipagkaibigan ano!!you are there for the competition,saka who cares kung binoto,magalit bah????????hansen is trying to be nice

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