Tikboy and Amy went to a place familiar to Tikboy in a drean. It it the place of Nana Sela. On their way they came across a black werewolf, which is actually Anton who paid Nana Sela a visit regarding his desire to get the stone of Remus' powers.

Lyka and Noah also paid Nana Sela a visit. Nana Sela sensed Noah's presence and was surprised that he was with the last guard. Nana Sela told the two that they are not allowed to get married as fate strictly prohibits it. If they will not follow something terrible will happen to all of them.


  1. Anonymous said...
    waaaah!bagong kalaban!akala ko happy ending na!
    Anonymous said...
    wlastik nman ohhhh...nkkbitin...pero thrilling xa...slmat ethanne
    Anonymous said...
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