The transmitter made by Perry was once again tested but again failed to connect on the date specified by Hector. What happened is that the transmitter transported to the future some Japanese soldiers during the Japanese invasion on the Philippines.

After months of pursuing his love for Melody, Lance's efforts had paid off. Melody became his girlfriend.


  1. Karen said...
    AYOS!!!! o(^O^)o
    Anonymous said...
    nakakakilig talaga sana sila na ang magkatuluyan. ayos na website ito. the best kau
    mic said...
    yes.singot na rin ni melody si lance ayos ka bay ganda ni melody . swerte ka bay aang ganda ni melody.bagay sila ni lance at melody .bay maganda ang site .kapitan boom!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy! said...
    alam niyo ba kung ano yung background song nung naghug sina melody and lance??
    with words: "i'm falling for you2x"
    sumthing like that..

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