Lolo Greg prepared a birthday surprise for Jasmine. But his mood suddenly changed when he saw Anika. But Anika explained her side to Lolo Greg, and everything went fine. Each of them has a gift to give for Jasmine except Julian.

Anika tagged Jasmine for a night out. Julian accompanied the girls as they bond together. But before they go, Anika's identity was revealed and the "paparazzi" quickly mobbed them. Jasmine thought of an idea to divert their attention, but hurting herself at the expense of it.


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    Ang ganda talaga ng My girl. Salamat po sa ng upload. Sana wag po kayo magsawang magupload marami po kayong napapasaya.

    God bless!!!

    Anonymous said...
    i like this tv series. pls continue to post.

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