Noah's group discovered that Nana Sela, the "Guide", was dead but found no traces of wounds or any marks. They assumed that she died in her sleep. Lady Elle knew that another guide will replace her, and they have no idea that it will be Trixie, for even Trixie is confused on what's happening with her.

Anton finally has captured Lyka. He admits about having the stone of Remus inside him, his love for Lyka and his plans for the two of them. Lyka was surprised and confused of Anton's attitude and doubts if the person she is talking to is his Kuya Anton or someone else. To prevent Lyka from escaping, Anton put her behind bars with flames.


  1. BugzWudz said...
    thank you ethanne. the best talaga ang lobo! awOOOOO! :)
    BugzWudz said...
    thank you ethanne. lobo the best talaga! awOOOOOO! :)
    trisha said...
    thanks a lot!ur d BEST!

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