As promised, Julian gave the P300,000 in payment for the debt of Jasmine's father to Asyong. But instead of giving it directly to Jasmine, they both met Asyong and Julian paid him personally.

Julian had a rough time during his presentation at the board. His grandfather suggested him to go out and relax. He suggested Julian to accompany Jasmine to "her" mother's grave to pay a visit. But on their way from from the cemetery, Julian's car went out on gas. While Julian was talking to a local, Jasmine had to do her nature call so she went outside. The car locks itself automatically leaving Julian's keys and cellfone inside. They are trapped in that area.

Julian is up for a fun time as the town they are in is celebrating its fiesta. Jasmine is enjoying the party, but how about Julian?


  1. igi said...
    thank u so much for uploading My GIRl.........
    ibang klase tlga ang My GIRl
    walang EpisODe n BORing
    lagi akong napapasaya ng My GIRl
    Luv It!!!
    ahzhel said...
    gwapo ni julian,,hehe ganda tlgah ng my gurl,,i luv it

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