Miguel talked to Catherine and expressed his love that is still longing for her. Catherine seemed to have lost her feelings for him and dumped Miguel. Miguel, frustrated and disappointed, confused Scarlet for Catherine, and while they were starting to have a passionate lovemaking, Miguel spoke the name "Catherine".

Sophia noticed the bracelet worn by Catherine. She had one too given by Rolando, and suddenly became confused by the intention of Rolando giving her a bracelet exactly like the one Catherine is wearing.

Sophia saw Lola Aura within the hospital premises and talked to her about it. Lola Aura refused to answer her, instead she told Sophia to ask her questions to her mother Isadora.

Catherine figured out that Raphael had her with Miguel while the latter gave her a kiss. She tried to explain to Raphael what really happened, but Raphael doesn't want to hear her explanation. What he really wants is someone that wants him too.

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