Read the summary of the pilot episode of Kahit Isang Saglit, starring Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo, courtesy of Pinoy TV Junkie.

At a very young age (approximately 12 years old), he (help, what’s Jericho Rosales’ name here?) lost he experienced the tragedy of losing his parents within minutes of each other. His father, a police man, was murdered and his mom suffered from a fatal heart attack when she saw her husband’s lifeless body along the beach. He doesn’t anyone but the love of his aunt who took care of him ever since.

Little Margaret/Garie (Carmen Soo) was very happy to see her father (Albert Martinez) again. After a happy day spent with her mom and dad, she woke up the next morning to find out he has left again. Shortly after, she and her mom lived with a relative (what does “popong” means?) who didn’t think much of her dad.

Fifteen years later…

Now a police officer, he had to go to Malaysia to pursue a lead on an investigation. His father’s death remained unsolved but he still remembers the face of the man who visited his dad before he was murdered (Garie’s dad).

Garie now works in the company of her Popong (aunt or grandma?). It has been 15 years, but she still yearns for her father. She still believes that her father left against his own will and she plans to go to the Philippines to look for him.

One busy day, when both of them were in a rush, they collided and fell on each other’s arms…


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