To test the teen's knowledge on driving, their practical exam was done outside of the Big Brother compound. A manager from A1 Driving Institute facilitates the practical examination of the teens. Aside from the practical exam, they also had a theoretical exam in-house; an identification of traffic and road signs. Unfortunately, some failed the exams.

To test the bonding of the teens, Big Brother held a mock nomination wherein the teens will be nominating one house mate face to face inside the confession room. Whatever the result of this nomination is invalid, and the teens have no idea about it.
Robi nominated Alex. Robi's reason is Alex's sudden change of moods.
Nicole also nominated Alex for the reason that Alex is becoming emotional lately.
Beauty also nominated Alex because she can not understand Alex and for her he changed a lot.
Ejay nominated Nicole because she doesn't help with the household chores.
Alex also nominated Nicole for the same reason like Ejay, and that sometimes he can't understand her.
We can see from their faces that they are bothered with the nominations, although they have no idea that the nominations are invalid and that it will be up to the audience's votes to determine who will be the big four. Nicole even told Beauty that Alex is "plastic".


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