Former girlfriend of Julian, Annika (Nina Jose), is back in the country to win Julian's heart back. Julian is still hurt by what had happened to their relationship, so he decided to as much as possible distance himself to Annika.

Julian wanted to please his grandfather so he decided to persuade Jasmine to play the role. Julian offered to pay all the debts of Jasmine's father, but Jasmine added P50,000 for their own use. They agreed on the P345,000 deal.

But when Jasmine saw the visitors of Julian's grandfather, she became hesitant to the point of backing out of their deal. But she nevertheless returned and did her "job".


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    talagang nkkklig ng tmblng kimerald!!!!!!!!!!wooooooohhhh!!!nawwla ang mga problems q kpg nkkta q cla!!!!i love KIMERALD!!!!!...........
    rOseLyn said...
    sna pumnta rn ang kimerald di2 sa Silay City,negros occ...I love u kim and gerald!!!!!!!!!!

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