The house mates were surprised to see a chair in the living room. The chair had an inscription "Pinaka-nagpakatotoo" (Most true to himself). The teens discussed on who the two house mates are that matches that description and therefore are worthy of sitting on that chair. They have decided that it was Beauty and Ejay who has been most true to himself inside the house.

So to further prove the chosen teens if they really have been true to himself, Beauty and Ejay undergo lie detection test. The other teens watch as Beauty and Ejay answers the questions with all honesty.

Meanwhile, the teens failed to finish in the bead making task (which was started during Mang Primo's visit, before the rest of the teens left for Palawan). As "punishment" (but was actually a test), Big Brother ordered the teens to collect all their clothes and pile them outside for burning. Nicole was the first to be asked to burn their clothes.

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  1. rOseLyn said...
    walang hiya tlgam c byutiti!!!!!!!!!!!!!nicole nakkainis ka!!!akala mu mgnda kah??dpt ma2tu kng tnggpin ang opinion ng iba!!!!!!!!!!BE OPENMINDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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