Just as Jasmine is about to go out of the hospital room (with some food in her hands), she meets Tita Bel (Bing Loyzaga) at the door. Jasmine was caught off guard with the questions of Tita Bel and Tita Tessie (K Brosas).

Tita Bel decided to let Jasmine stay in their house for a week so that they be acquainted. But Tita Bel's real intention is to prove if she really is Hanna, the missing granddaughter of Greg. Tita Bel warned Julian that if Jasmine is a fake, they will put her to jail.

But Jasmine proved her worth as an "artist" and her jolly personality helped a lot in the recovery of Greg.

Julian had the results of the DNA test that they have done using the hair of Jasmine. The result was negative. But their Tita Bel saw the envelope and demands for her to see it.


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