The final task of the Big Four Teen house mates is to build a tower out of plastic bottles in the middle of the swimming pool. Erecting the tower is tough, but what will truly test the patience and stamina of the teen Big Four is guarding the tower against external forces that will try to bring down their tower.

Today will be the last night of the teen house mates inside Kuya's yellow house. Get to know them once more and the transformations that each went during their stay. Who will be this season's Big Winner? Will it be the "Promdi Hottie" Ejay Falcon, "True Blue Atenista" Robi Domingo, "The In-Chick" Nicole Uysiuseng, or "Rebellious Beauty" Beauty?

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  1. lynz said...
    OwzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!c byutiti mabait??????????????????

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