Tatay Chito never really went to Magangga, contrary to what Jasmine believes. He wants to prove to himself and to her daughter eventually that he can still do his responsibility as a father and head of the family. But it seems that luck is tough for Chito as an accident occurred at his workplace and he is the cause of damage. All his savings were lost for payment of damages.

Jasmine had no idea that Julian is Annika's ex-boyfriend. She even referred to Annika's ex-boyfriend as "kurimao". Until one time she saw the two talking in an elevator. Annika tried desperately to make things work out for her and Julian once more, but Julian has a hard heart.

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  1. lynz said...
    nakakaawa nmn ng tatay ni jasmine.......kailangan 2larn ang tulad ni jasmine(kim chui)........GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

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