From the komiks pages to the movies, Pieta comes to television as an afternoon teleserye that promises to touch the heart of every mother and son. Based on the creation of Carlo J. Caparas, Pieta tells the story of Amanda (Cherie Gil) and her son Rigor (Ryan Agoncillo). Once she discovers that she is pregnant, Amanda struggles to build a better future for her child.

Main Cast

* Cherie Gil as Amanda, Mother of Rigor
* Ryan Agoncillo as Rigor/Pieta, son of Amanda & Boyfriend of Martha.
* Krista Ranillo as Martha, lady love of Rigor
* John Regala as Miguel, crimelord of a syndicate involved with drugs and smuggling goods
* Jestoni Alarcon as Delfin
* Jairus Aquino as Toto, sidekick of Rigor
* DJ Durano as Kabo, Miguel's hitman

Extended Cast

* Jason Abalos as Efren - A childhood friend of Rigor & part of Rigor's gang
* Janus del Prado as Boyong - Rigor's friend
* John James Uy as Frank - A rich suitor of Martha
* Lyka Ugarte as Helga - An ambitious mother of Martha
* Neil Ryan Sese as Geron
* Nina Dolino as Jessa - Efren's sister is in love with Rigor although he is smitten by the beauty of Martha
* Tanya Gomes as Irma
* Vice Ganda as Tita Ganda
* Charles Christiansen as Tony Baog

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