Watch and get touched once more with this award-winning episode of Maaalaala Mo Kaya entitled "Rehas".

This episode is based on a true story of Reming, a mother of 5 from Aklan, Philippines. Three of her children, Violeta, Judy and Joel, experienced nervous breakdown and went out of their minds. Desperate and helpless, Reming, at one time, cursed God for all that has happened to their family despite being obedient to Him. But realizing that only God can help them, she turns to Him once more and asked for continuous strength.

So far "Rehas" has won four awards from local and international award-giving bodies, and as of press time, an international nomination for the New York Festival next year.

The first time this episode was shown on air, help for Reming's family began to pour. And as of this time, Judy and Joel, who both undergone medication in Manila, was cured of their illness and are once more reunited with their family.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I am a Filipina here in California. I understand the hardships of the family of Nanay Reming because my own family was at that situation before. My eldest brother was a victim of a nervous breakdown due to worrying how he can help us before. Luckily, he was able to fight it and got better. But I saw my family in her story. My family are doing okay now although I still have a lot of responsibilities to my family. But I would like to know how to reach/contact Nanay Reming's family because I would like to help them whatever I could.
    fritz diangson said...
    hello po im fritz taga aklan rin po
    ako pwd ko po malaman kung saan po sa aklan to balak ko pa kasi sanang puntahan pag uwi ko po makatulong manlang kahit kunti thank you somuch

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