Yehey! It's Pinoy Big Brother once again, and now the House of Big Brother will be the home of some 13 celebrity housemates, 10 of which is now inside. Of the 10 housemates, two pairs share a common destiny, so called Two-In-One housemate, which will be explained in the videos below (and in my next post). The last 5 housemates will be introduced and will enter the Big Brother House starting tomorrow.

* A total of 13 celebrity housemates will stay inside Big Brother house. The first 10 housemates were counted as 8, as the Two-in-One housemates counts only as one (there are two Two-in-One housemates inside). Although there are still 5 housemates yet to enter, only 4 was described in the teaser video. It is believed that Ethel Booba, a supposedly celebrity housemate, could not join the reality show due to some sickness (nervous breakdown). We will cover the said news later).

The 10 (8) in-house celebrities are:

1) True Lover - Will Devaughn, 25 y/o

2) Princess of Charm - Megan Young, 17 y/o

3) The Desirable Diva - Riza Santos, 21 y/o

4) Komedyanteng Promdi - Ruben Gonzaga, 25 y/o

5) Lonely Boy - Victor Basa, 22 y/o

6) The Mom in Distress - Yayo Aguila, 40

7) Wild Child - Baron Geisler, 25 y/o

8) The Brainy Babe - Marylaine Viernes, 21 y/o

9) Despised Babe - Jen Da Silva (2-in-1 with Marylaine)

10) The Good Brother - Donald Geisler (2-in-1 with Baron)

PBB Introduction Part 1

PBB Introduction Part 2 (Opening Number)

PBB Introduction Part 3

PBB Celebrity Housemate 1 - "True Lover"

PBB Celebrity Housemate 2 - "Princess of Charm"

PBB Celebrity Housemate 3 - "The Desirable Diva"

PBB Celebrity Housemate 4 - "Komendyanteng Promdi"

PBB Celebrity Housemate 5 - "Lonely Dreamboy"

PBB Celebrity Housemate 6 - "Mom in Distress"

PBB Celebrity Housemate 7 - "Wild Child"

PBB Celebrity Housemate 8 - "Brainy Babe"

PBB Celebrity Housemate 9 - "Despised Babe" (2-in-1 with "Brainy Babe")

PBB Celebrity Housemate 10 - "The Good Brother" (2-in-1 with "Wild Child")

PBB first 10 housemates and last 3 housemates teaser

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