Jillian and Jonathan needs to earn about P100,000 for the release of their fathers. Fortunately for them, there will be a cooking competition wherein the winner will get 2 years scholarship and cash worth P75,000. They joined the competition, but Jillian had some problems with her recipe as it has "bagoong" (fish preserve) and their mentor didn't liked the smell. She needs another recipe, and she thought of the food she ate in a street kiosk.

Jonathan tried to court Jillian. He inserted a ring in Jillian's desert. Jillian doesn't want to hurt Jonathan's feelings, but she only has love for him as a friend.

Jillian went to the kiosk where she ate the food that she wanted to cook for the competition. Here she will again cross with TJ, who was actually looking for Erika, the person who cooked the recipe that Jillian wanted to know. At first, they separated ways, but in the end, they needed each other to successfully locate Erika.

Jonathan felt guilty and followed Jillian. At the train station, she bumped with Trixie who was following TJ. They also aboard the train where TJ and Jillian are riding.


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