Sorry for the delay. We had our company outing.

Some of the highlights of episode 55 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Dave was finally released from the hospital. But they decided to stay at a relative's house for a change of environment and address. They will be moving to a new house soon.

Lily visited Dave and had some talks with him. She wanted to talk to his mother and grandmother for some help but they weren't around. Dave promised to help her. Lily unintentionally told him that she liked him more that JR for Audrey. With this, Dave had another reason to suspect that there is indeed something different with Audrey.

Marlene and the agent from the US embassy meets face to face. The agent had frequent meetings with Ingrid who he thought was Marlene Garcia, and he is confused that Marlene is saying that she is "the Marlene Garcia".


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