Here are the highlights of episode 64 of "Tayong Dalawa".

The fates has turned and now it's Marlene's time to shine. A truly rags to riches story, Marlene sees to it that Ingrid suffered the discrimination that she did to her before. Lola Gets and JR doesn't like what Marlene was doing to Ingrid and her family, but Marlene just want them to feel the hurt that they had felt before.

Meanwhile Ramon followed Stan and there he discovered Audrey's hideout. He used it to persuade Greta to answer his proposal. They went to the house of Audrey, but decided not to call her so that she will not transfer to another location.

Dave, his mother and grandma, temporarily stayed in the house of their family attorney. Elizabeth showed strength, but she eventually broke down when Dave exited the room. Dave went to their house (where Marlene and her family is now staying) and had a confrontation with them.


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