Here are the highlights of episode 53 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Ingrid saw Audrey and JR at the lobby intimate with each other. JR didn't denied that they have a relationship and that is because they thought that JR is dead. Stanley is angry at Audrey because she might compromise his business deal with the Garcias. Elizabeth mediated and they agreed not to tell Dave about it until he recovers.

Meanwhile the doctors learned that Dave has suffered severe trauma and stress can elevate his situation and may lead to depression.

In from of everyone, Dave proposed to Audrey and asked her to marry him. To prevent Audrey from declining Dave's request, Elizabeth told Audrey that she is welcome in their family, and as she hugged Audrey she whispered to her to just go with the flow.

JR is still decided to fight his love for Audrey and to continue their relationship. He decided to talk to Dave and tell him what the real situation is, but he was interrupted by Ingrid who just entered the room. Ingrid tagged JR to the doctor's office and there the doctor explained Dave's situation. Ingrid then asked JR if he will still continue to tell Dave about his relationship with Audrey.


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