Here's episode 52 of "Tayong Dalawa" that you shouldn't miss.

JR's troops successfully rescued Dave from the rebel groups. At first Dave was angry at JR, but JR saved his life and Dave realized that JR didn't intend to leave him there. They reconciled instantly as soon as JR carried Dave to the helicopter.

Marlene and Lola Gets visited Elizabeth and told her that they are not responsible for what happened to her. Ingrid and Elizabeth doesn't want to believe them, but Marlene and Ingrid made a truce that they will not meddle with each other's affairs.

The news that Dave is arrived reached Elizabeth and Ingrid. Ingrid is afraid that all is just a dream, but when she saw Dave, she was so relieved and very happy.

JR fetched Audrey and accompanied her and her family to the hospital to see Dave. Audrey seem not to be happy that Dave is alive.

Ingrid learned from Dave that JR saved his life. Ingrid was grateful for JR's assistance and hugged him. Elizabeth too learned from Dave that it was the rebel's men who tried to kill her, which made her forgive Marlene. Ingrid and Elizabeth agreed to let MArlene and Lola Gets visit Dave. Everything seems to be getting fine...

...until Ingrid saw JR and Audrey kissing at the hospital lobby.


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