Nothing much happened in this episode. Ramon was pointing his gun at Dave but he retreated. A companion of Ramon showed and had a fight with Dave. Dave recovered the former's gun, and Ramon was about to run away but Dave saw him running away (but Dave didn't recognized him). Dave shot Ramon.

Ramon returned home and pretended nothing happened, but Marlene noticed that Ramon is acting strange. JR also noticed that Ramon is not OK. Ramon went to his room to look at his wound, but Lola Gets entered the room and saw the wound. Ramon told her to be quiet and to keep it secret. He didn't told her what caused his wound.

Meanwhile, Loretta's mother died. She wanted to go to her mother's funeral, and her sister Angela is insisting that they go and leave Stanley. Stanley Sr. saw them talking and when he learned that Loretta's mother died and she wanted to see her mother, Stanley didn't approved it. Loretta became furious and Stanley became angry at them. Due to stress, Loretta prematurely labored. They rushed Loretta to the hospital. Loretta delivered her son, but she died after wards.

Ingrid visited Stanley and gave her condolences. She gave some money to Stanley, and told him that they still need his services for their hardware section. Stanley thanked Ingrid for her continuous assistance.

Dave promised Audrey to be there when her mother is to be buried, but instead JR showed up.

Marlene and Ingrid had another unpleasant meeting at their grocery. Decided to end their mingling, Ingrid together with her mother searched for the DNA test of JR. They burned it to remove the evidence of JR being David's son.


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