Here are the highlights of episode 34 of Tayong Dalawa.

Stanley is having trouble handling his finances. Audrey's salary is not enough for their daily expenses and their obligations. Stanley JR. suggested that they join in an investment as endorsed by his friend, but Stanley Sr. told him that he needs to think about it.

JR is out for another date with Greta. Marlene warned his son about such actions as he may hurt someone, or he may even hurt himself.

Dave arranged a date with Audrey to make amends and again propose a marriage. Dave told her that he is not expecting a "yes" answer, but he would not accept a "no". Audrey told him that she needs more time to think about it.

Dave received an assignment paper for a mission in Basilan, Mindanao. He arranged a special and intimate meal with JR, Audrey and her family, Elizabeth and Ingrid. There he announced about his assignment in Basilan, and more importantly, he asked for Audrey's hand in marriage from Stanley Sr. Elizabeth and Ingrid were very happy, and Stanley gave Dave his blessing. Elizabeth gave her ring to Dave for hin to give to Audrey. Obviously Audrey was shocked, and she refused to wear the ring. She told them that they can not be wed because they've broken up.

Before Dave left for Basilan, he and his mother had some quality time with each other. Dave asked two favors from his mother; One is that he wanted her to help Audrey with her family's financial problem, and Two is that she should not worry too much about JR's mother and their conflicts. Ingrid promised her son to do all those favors, but should we trust her?


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