Here's what happened on episode 51 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Marlene talked to Greta and asked what she felt upon learning that Audrey and JR are getting married. Greta told her that she was hurt, but she will be fine. Marlene asked her if she is responsible for the flower incident, and Greta told her that she didn't do it.

Meanwhile the rebel groups had located the house of Dave's family. Some armed men went to the house and shot Elizabeth who was with Ingrid outside. Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital and fortunately for her she is far from danger.

Ingrid accused Marlene of being responsible for the incident. She went to Marlene's place and fought her, but Lola Gets called the guard and had Ingrid arrested and put to jail.

JR received a call from their headquarters ordering him to report immediately. There they showed JR the cartographic sketch of Dave, which JR immediately recognized. They prepared a rescue operation for Dave, and JR was told not to tell anyone about the mission.

The rebel leader told Dave that they will hurt another of his family member if he does not cooperate. Dave was drawing the sketch of the military's camp when JR's troops landed near their location.


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