Here are the highlights of episode 36 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Greta tried to kiss JR, but JR stopped him. He told her that he loves her only as a friend. Greta asked if Audrey is the reason. JR told him that it'll be better to hurt her now and stop it than to let her hope for something he can not give and hurt her longer.

Meanwhile Leo had another delivery and he will be needing Ramon's company.

At the barracks in Basilan, Dave had some quality time with his men. They talked about their loved ones, and Dave can't help but miss Audrey.

Marlene and Ramon finally reconciled. But Greta wanted to leave the house and live alone. They tried to stop her including JR, but Greta insisted. JR and Greta had a heated discussion, and to stop it Ramon in a firm voice told her not to leave and try to talk about it.

Angela went to Audrey's place and tried to get her and the baby as she had promised her sister Loretta. Stanley refused to give Audrey and the baby to her. Lily came and joined the heating discussion. In the end Audrey told Angela that she will be fine. Angela left and promised to return.

The next day, David's pension agent went to Ingrid's office to have some more papers signed. Unfortunately for Ingrid, Marlene dropped by the office and entered even if the secretary tried to stop her. Marlene thought that Ingrid is closing an expansion deal with the foreigner, and to shoo Marlene away, Ingrid told her that she will double the allowance. Marlene left after hearing the offer, having no idea that a pension awaits her and that Ingrid is using her name.

JR talked to Greta and told her to have a change of career. JR tried to help her land a job as secretary, but Greta refused. She seems to had a change of heart now.

Meanwhile, Stanley, drunk and irritated by her mother's blabbing, went out of their house but unfortunately he fell from the stairs. He is still alive, though. With the accident, Angela went to Audrey's aide. Angela just wanted to make sure Audrey will be OK.

At the grocery, Greta and Audrey had an encounter. (see video clip below)


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