Here are the highlights of episode 44 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Dave managed to get the cellphone of the man who rescued him. He called his mother Ingrid but there wasn't much conversation as the rebel groups recaptured him. Ingrid told her mother that Dave called her but Ingrid didn't believed it. The nurse gave Ingrid a depressant instead.

Meanwhile Greta returned to JR's place and his family. Greta promised not to bother JR again, but Greta had a dark plan in her mind - to stop JR and Audrey's marriage.

Meanwhile, Stan begins to wonder about Ramon's business. One night on his delivery, the package suddenly broke open. To his surprise, it doesn't contain car parts, but some guns.

Olivia noticed that Ramon is acting strangely lately. Olivia warned him that she can kill him and his family if she discovers that Ramon is fooling her.

Stan returned the package to Ramon and told that what they are doing is illegal. Ramon convinced him that it is the business that keeps them alive and earn big, and it will help Stan a lot. Ramon told him that there's no escaping now.

The rebel groups traced the call Dave made, and there they traced Ingrid Garcia. The leader threatened Dave that they will kill Ingrid Garcia, thus Dave geve in to their blackmail. The leader wanted to know where the weapons of the military are located.

Meanwhile Angela's plan worked as Stanley was stripped off from her hardware business. Lily even cursed Stanley that he will die a vagabond. After awhile Stanley got a flower from a delivery boy and in it is a card for Audrey congratulating her for their future marriage. This made Stanley all the more furious.

JR learned of the incident and assumed that Greta is the one who ordered the flowers. He got mad at Greta, but he had no idea that it was Ramon who did it.

Stanley talked to JR and told him to leave Audrey alone. He warned him that he will file cases just to destroy JR's credibility with the military if he doesn't follow it. After Stanley left, he received a call from Angela telling him that Audrey is badly hurt and should be rushed to the hospital.


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