Here's whats happened in episode 46 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Audrey and JR had a more personal conversation in Tagaytay and there they told each other their "I Love You"s. They became more open with their feelings each passing days since then.

Greta doubts Ramon's job and followed him. She only saw him getting outside of their "front business" but that's about it.

Angela saw a man who is constantly following Marlene's every move. She told Marlene about this.

Greta followed JR in one of his late night dates and she saw him with Audrey at the park. She got angry at JR when he got home and decided to leave the house. But Greta isn't stopping there. At the grocery, while Ingrid was talking to Audrey about Dave, Greta butts in and told Ingrid that Audrey has a secret.


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