Here are the highlights of episode 42 of "Tayong Dalawa".

During Dave's burial, JR wanted to tell Ingrid what really happened in Mindanao. Audrey tried to stop him but he insisted. He was about to get near Ingrid but Elizabeth stopped him. He didn't got the chance to tell Ingrid the truth.

Meanwhile Lola Gets followed Ramon on his way to "work". Lola Gets saw Ramon being scolded by Leo. Lola Gets interfered when Leo is hurting Ramon. Ramon stopped Lola Gets and they left the scene. Leo ordered his men to capture Lola Gets.

In their hideout, Leo played with Lola Gets. When he is about to shoot Lola Gets, Ramon and Olivia shot him. Leo died instantly. After which they dropped Lola Gets in a safe place (blindfolded). When they are about to leave, Lola Gets had a hold of Ramon's hands and arms, touching his jacket. It seems that Lola Gets recognized him.

When Lola Gets got home, she was hysterical while telling what happened to JR and Marlene. Her mood suddenly changed when Ramon arrived.

Ramon promised himself that he will be richer and more powerful than JR. His plan is to continue the business of Leo, and they will be the operators (Olivia, Nico and Ramon). They will put up a legitimate business that will cover up their dirty business.


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