HEre are the highlights of episode 41 of "Tayong Dalawa".

JR went home and Marlene and lola Gets immediately saw the loneliness in JR's face. JR told them that Dave passed away.

Ingrid wasn't convinced that Dave died in combat, so he sent her attorney for an investigation. The attorney told her that it'll be impossible to regcognize Dave due to the severe explosion. The evidence that they got was his tag.

Leo was rejoicing for Dave's death. Olivia insulted Leo and he slapped her in the face. When Leo left, they planned for their revenge against Leo. Olivia closed one of Leo's accounts and gave the money to Ramon for safekeeping.

After a few days Leo surprised Ramon with a visit in their house and talked to his folks about the car incident. Leo told them that his father, "who owns the car" that Ramod drove, will not file any charges. Leo was actually proving Ramon that he has all eyes on him.

Meanwhile Dave was laid to his final resting place.


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