Here are some of the highlights of episode 43 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Audrey received a beating from Stanley. This beating caused a bruise on Audrey and JR noticed it. He went to Audrey's place and warned Stanley that if he continues to hurt Audrey he might do something terrible against him.

Audrey and JR had some talks and Audrey told JR that it would be best for them both to maintain some distance.

Meanwhile Ingrid learned from JR's comrades that JR was there during Dave's battle. Ingrid became angry at JR for not helping Dave. She wished that it should have been JR who died and not Dave.

Stanley Jr. is in big trouble as he can not get back the money that he stole and invested. Ramon learned of his problem and told him that he can give that money in exchange for his services as a "messenger". Stanley Jr. accepted the offer.

Elizabeth learned from her attorney that they lost the case against Marlene. Marlene also received this news from her attorney. JR will have his share according to the last will and testament of David Garcia Sr.


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