Here are the highlights of episode 33 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Ingrid entertained the agent for David's pension and presented herself as Marlene. Elizabeth has second thoughts about Ingrid's pretending to be Marlene, but Ingrid told her that Marlene is too dumb to find it out.

Marlene and her family moved in to the house that Ingrid offered them. The house is too big and grandiose that they feel something is not right.

JR was told that the shooting range needs a new manager, and during his talk with the manager, he had an acquaintance with David's partner in business, which happens to be Leo's father. JR offered the job to Ramon when he got home, but Ramon declined the offer. For Ramon, it was an insult.

Audrey and JR met in the park for some problem talks, but they were secretly followed by Greta. Greta was hurt so she planned something that would ruin their relationship. She asked JR to meet her in Hot Chicks - the club where she works. She also told JR to bring along Audrey and Dave. When they got there, Dave was hesitant and wanted to leave. After a short while, Greta showed up dancing on center stage. Her nickname in the club is Audrey King. JR rushed to the stage to cover Greta with some clothing. At a room JR and Greta discussed the reason why she is doing it. Greta told him that it is her work that made his studying in PMA possible. She even told JR that her first customer was Dave. Audrey walked out and Dave followed her. Dave asked for Audrey's forgiveness, but Audrey gave him a slap in the face instead. JR and Greta told JR how much she loved him, and JR told her that he can not give that back to her.

The boys returned inside the bar for a few talks. Dave asked JR if he is angry at him. JR told him that he is more angry at himself.

The next day, JR and Greta had a date to make up for what happened. Greta was very happy, even if JR didn't have anything to say. Dave went to Audrey's place to say sorry and tell that he loves her, but Audrey told him that love isn't all that matters in a relationship. Dave even offered Audrey to marry him, but Audrey told him that she'll think about it first.

Ramon learned about Greta's date with JR, and asked her when would be their date. Ramon asked if she feels anything for him, and Greta answered straightly "nothing".

Marlene and Lola Gets enjoyed their money. They shopped to their heart's delight, and even ate at an exclusive restaurant. Elizabeth happens to dine in that restaurant too, and Elizabeth had her share of shame and disgust.

Ingrid's attorney again offered Marlene the agreement papers for her to sign, but Marlene didn't signed it. She believes that they have the right to claim what David gave them in his last will. Ingrid and Elizabeth will still not give up and will continue their fight.


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