Here are the highlights of episode 47 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Greta almost told Ingrid about Adurey's secret, but instead she told Ingrid that Audrey is constantly talking to Dave that's why she doesn't miss him. Ingrid told Audrey that she is happy that Audrey still loves Dave.

Audrey talked to JR about what happened. JR suggested that they told their folks about their secret, but Adurey doesn't favor it.

Ramon went to Greta's club and told her not to work in there. He will give whatever Greta needs so that she'll stop dancing in the club. He even showed Greta the house that he bought for her. But Ramon will be leaving for a business trip.

JR and Audrey visited Dave's grave and told him about their relationship. Audrey hopes that Dave be happy with their relationship.

Meanwhile the rebel group had some military personnel as their captives - including Dave.

JR proposed a marriage to Audrey, but Audrey hesitated. She told JR that she still have problems to solve with her family, but JR assured her that he will help her in any way. JR told her that he loves her and will never forsake her.

Meanwhile Angela continues to get Lily's trust, and in their course of conversation she told Lily that Stanley is talking at her back. Angela also overheard Ingrid and Elizabeth talking about Marlene. Angela told this to Marlene. Marlene told Angela that she might be a spy, but Angela told her that she is not a spy. She is just in the side of underdogs. She also told Marlene that they don't want her getting near them for Marlene might know of something and it'll be a big trouble for them.

Elizabeth talks to her spy and he told her that they cannot alter the marriage of Marlene and David anyway they can. The only thing that they can do is to have Marlene dead.


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