Here are the highlights of episode 56 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Mr. Smith and Angela's friend accused Marlene of being an impostor. This got Marlene mad and prepared all her evidences to prove that she is Marlene.

Dave had his first hysteria attack when their maid watched a war scene on their television. The doctor reminded them not to remind Dave about the incident or give him anything that can stress him out.

Dave arranged for a talk with JR and Audrey. He asked the two of them if there is something special between them, which the two denied. But the meeting became an instant fitting session for their wedding dresses and in no time Audrey had her body measurements for her wedding gown.

Marlene went to the US embassy to show her papers to prove that she is the real Marlene. Mr. Smith told them that they will be having some investigations. Marlene became suspicious. Marlene still had no idea that Ingrid is the one pretending to be Marlene.


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