Here are the highlights of episode 69 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Lola Gets had no choice but to tell Marlene about JR's twin brother. She invited Marlene for a private talk, but they didn't know that Manuel was behind them at the grocery. Although Manuel didn't followed the two during their private talks, Manuel called Elizabeth and told her about it. Elizabeth told him to continue spying on them.

Indeed Lola Gets told Marlene that JR's twin brother is not dead. Marlene obviously got mad and for a few days Marlene doesn't want to talk to her mother. JR noticed the tension between the two, but they didn't told it yet to him.

Lola Gets talked to Manuel about the whereabouts of of Marlene's son. Manuel told her that he will give that information if she is willing to pay P1M. Lola Gets doesn't have that money yet. Meanwhile Manuel also talked to Elizabeth, and when Elizabeth learned that Rita (Lola Gets) is willing to pay P1M, she gave Manuel P2M to misinform Rita. She told Manuel that when Rita asks him about the child, he will tell Rita that it died abroad.

Marlene is desperate to know where her child is, and together with Rita, they talked to Manuel with the P1M check in hand. Manuel didn't accepted it, also he didn't told them what Elizabeth instructed him to tell them. Looks like he has something in mind - more money perhaps.


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