Here are the highlights of episode 67 of "Tayong Dalawa".

Manuel wanted to see Elizabeth personally so he went to the Garcia residence, but he was surprised to see Lola Gets there. Lola Gets was also surprised, and thought that he only wanted to get some money from her. Manuel talked to Marlene and told her that she should double her payment or else he will talk to Lola Gets and things might get worse.

Marlene, now being in charge of the grocery, assigned Ingrid to supervise the Inventory department. Meanwhile Stanley also talked to Marlene about the Hardware section and Marlene, after some thoughts, approved of his management of the hardware section. Marlene had no idea that Stanley and Ingrid are working together to outplace her.

Greta learned from Stan that Audrey and JR are still in good terms and they plan to continue their marriage. Greta talked to Dave about it, but Dave seemed to gave up on Audrey.


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