Sa galit ni Eli sa biyenan, niyaya niya ang asawang si Jackie na umalis na ng bahay ng araw ding iyon. Nang gabing aalis na sina Eli ay naabutan sila ni Fidel. Sinabi ni Fidel na kung aalis sila ng bahay na iyon ay hindi na sila maaari pang bumalik.

Isang liham ang iniwan ni Celine para sa kanyang asawang si JB. Narito ang nilalaman ng sulat:

My Dearest JB,

I'm thinking you're quite upset with me right now even as you read this letter, and I'm hoping you'll forgive me for leaving without a word or an explanation, because honestly I don't even know how to begin to explain. My mind is just as cluttered as my heart, and I'm simply lost and filled with unspeakable sadness, because I know I'm hurting you. And believe me JB, you are the last person in this world that I would want to hurt. And when you're hurting, it is I who hurt the most. But how can I comfort you at this time? Where will I draw the strength from when I'm practically running on empty? And such is the reason for this journey. I need to get away from it all, and that includes you, so I can think and pray and listen to my thoughts, and maybe see things from a different perspective other than my own, because I do want to make sense of everything; to find my true bearings again, even if I dont know what lies ahead. Only then will I have the courage to face tomorrow and the uncertainties it brings, because I don't want to be afraid anymore JB. I'm tired of being afraid. And when I do find my bearings, I'm hoping I will also find my way back to you.

All my love, Celine.


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