Shy voluntarily exits the house of Big Brother because she can not stand the pressure of the survival training. But Andi will not be left alone as a new house player will enter the house. And this new house player is a "he". Find out at the last video clip.

Military trainings always start with some warm-up exercises. So to condition the teens for their day's training, they have to do some jumping and jogging.

Nicole is having some hard time with the exercises as she experienced some difficulty in breathing. Andi is much worse as her joints begins to stiffen.

After the exercise, they were taught how to cook the old-fashioned way.

It is only day 1 and some of the teens are thinking of quitting. Andi seems to be frustrated as this is her first time inside Big Brother's house and the (survival training) tasks are too difficult for her. Priscilla share the same sentiments and wishes to voluntarily exit.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    anu byan nhihirapn housemate satask si shy bkit llabas ng bhay bkit ememeet nya ba si Gerald hahahaha......

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