A disturbed Nan approached Big Brother in the confession room. He is having a hard time facing the recent nominations. According to him, it's not the being nominated that bothers him, it's the reason behind his being nominated that he doesn't want to accept.

The house mates tried to have a talk with Nan. Nan is firm with his philosophy of not changing his attitude, besides that's what they are in there for, to be what they really are, being real. Beauty, guilty of nominating Nan with 2 points, walks out of the room and throws out her anger in the comfort room.


  1. Anonymous said...
    nan,dont be so sad,.d mo pwedeng ipagkaila ang totoong dahilan..its very obvious,its because you are nominated,not with the reason na about what beauty had said.its because you are first timed nominated.diba?roby also nominated alot of times,and he never act the way you are acting right now..mas foul pa nga yung mga reasons na binibigay kay roby eh,na nagmamagaling sya and also what you have said to him when you nominated him,.but,nagalit b sya?diba hindi?he accept everything with all his heart,.sana ganoon ka rin,.be happy kasi sa tagal ng panahon mo jan,d ka pa nanonominate,ngayon lang,.and about beauty,you are to exaggerated naman,yung reason mo para inominate si nan,is so mababaw,kung ako ikaw,why do i have to talk to him minsan kung alam ko naman na d sya seryoso diba?even though you like to talk,for what eh ikaw narin nagsabi na d naman sya seryoso.invalid yung reason mo for me.and siguro,masasaktan talaga c nan kasi nga,yung dahilan mo,obvious na obvious.i know you never said na baguhin sya,pero sa binigay mong reason,parang ganoon na nga yung pinalalabas mo.and la ka right para magwala,dont forget,you are the first who did negative to nan not him,.he has nothing to apologize to you,.sna ok na kau,.pag isipan nyo lahat para malaman kung ano at sino ba talaga ang mali.anyway,thanks to ethanne,.kahit dito ako ngayon sa europe,napapanood ko sila,.thanks dear..take care..
    Anonymous said...
    hayaan nyo na lang
    Anonymous said...
    OA talagi nitong si beauty. nagpapakita lang how much of a brat she is.
    Anonymous said...
    hay naku nan ! why dont you accept the fact that you're nominated and not to make up some excuses... It does'nt make sense at all. I thought you are cool but i was wrong. If you really wanted to stay inside the house, you dont have to please anyone. Be yourself and be happy.
    Thank's a lot Ethan for this blog.

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