Jasmine had enough money for his father's trip to Magangga, Davao. She accompanied him to the airport and when she is about to go home, Asyong's gang surrounded her. Luckily, Nico (Enchong Dee) is around and helped her.

Nico just can't help but fall in love with Jasmine's sweet and funny personality.

The health situation of Julian's grandfather is getting worse. He asked Julian to make haste in looking for his cousin Hanna. With no idea of where to find her, he looked for Jasmine and asked her to do a favor for him - to pretend to be his cousin.

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  1. mabelle said...
    .,.wow ang ganda talaga ng my girl.,.
    .,.nakakaaliw pnoorin.,.
    .,.hindi aq nakak2log kpg d q.,.
    .,.napanood ang my girl.,.

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