The house mates had a game which will test their teamwork and knowledge on raft making. Mikan is afloat somewhere in the middle of the sea, and the teen house mates, grouped into two, will have to save him by creating a bamboo raft and swim towards him. The first team to save Mikan wins.

*uploaded 5th video.

The teens had another task, this time its a nature trip to the underground river of Palawan which is nominated in the New Seven Wonders of Nature - The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. They have to identify five rock formations or wall stains which resembles an image or icon. These are: The Cat Couple (Mag-asawang Pusa), Holy Family, Highway, Giant Mushroom, and Sharon Stone (a shy lady, not exactly resembling the foreign artist).


  1. Anonymous said...
    parang kulang.. sbi sa last scene meron pang susunod...
    meron pa ba?
    Ethanne said...
    Thanks (anonymous) i'll be updating the videos soon.
    Anonymous said...
    thanks ethanne, laking tulong sakin to lalo na pag gabi pasok hehe

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