Leon died and was buried a few days after. Noah promised on his father's grave that he will bring justice to his death. He is now against the werewolves - white and black alike.

With the death of Leon, Silva grabs the opportunity to fill in the post left by Leon. He was not disappointed, as his fellow comrades in Luna welcomed him once more. Silva used Leon to further intensify their mission to hunt and kill all werewolves. He also went to Noah and invited him to join them to have his revenge for the death of his father. But Noah doesn't want to join Silva's team after what they have done to him during his "training".

The followers of Ylvana are now planning for an all-out war on the black werewolves. Lady Elle is against it, but she doesn't seem to have a choice as majority of the group is in favor of Ylvanna. Raul listens quietly as Ylvanna and Elle debates on the matter.


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